New PCD Tools

If you're replacing a worn part or investing in PCD for the first time, we can supply you with the tools you need.

We can offer top quality PCD saw blades, router cutters, planer/jointing blocks, hoggers, profile blocks and laminate flooring systems.

Bespoke Blades

Do you have a machine with specific requirements?

We can help you by designing bespoke saw blades to suit your needs.

Your manufacturing can be negatively affected by using tools which are inefficient. The product you produce will be of a poorer quality and your machinery will be worn down faster. By upgrading to PCD machine tools you could not only improve the life of your machine but could also use the opportunity to refine the quality it provides you.

If we can help your manufacturing in any way please contact us to discuss your individual requirements on
01430 861 893

new pcd tools
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